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In our blog you can read about our current projects around ecotourism and rainforest. It’s also about science, ecology, biology, geography and sustainable tourism. We post about jungle farming and tips on do’s & don’ts when visiting tropical rainforests. We talk about local & international collaborations. And we highlight new and exciting tours & activities.

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Guest Blog by Anne: The Tasks of a Wildlife Ranger

  Visitors can not only benefit from the spectacular view over primary rain forest, observing the natural wildlife and attending guided tours but also enjoy the great variety of fruit and vegetables grown organically near the platforms. During the four weeks of my time at Aiko I got the opportunity to find out a lot about the […]


What do rainforests have to do with cashback online shopping?!

We were asking the same thing when two of our costumers visited last month: Matthias and Andreas of the young German cashback startup link-o-mat came to wind down in our rainforest from their jobs for a couple of days. After a great day of hiking in the forest and bathing in waterfalls we were relaxing in […]


Who are you?

So I bought a piece of rainforest I couldn´t find nor did I know what to do with it. The only logical next step was to get to know it. And I wanted to get to know it well. In order to do that – I was already back in Munich/ Germany at that time […]


Own Rainforest

Ownership got a new meaning with Aiko. Since Costa Rican law was quite new to me, I joined up with a friend-of-a-friend local lawyer, half jokingly called Jorgito, to legalize the purchase in Talamanca. I had mentioned that I needed to get the signatures of all neighbors in order to prove the ownership of the […]


The Great Feat

So we bought 29ha of rainforest in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Well, technically and legally, I did. First goal reached: The logger is gone. The spray-painted red numbers on the trees only a remnant of the past. Sit back: What happened? Why? I didn´t need any land. And I didn´t really want any land. So why […]