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In our blog you can read about our current projects around ecotourism and rainforest. It’s also about science, ecology, biology, geography and sustainable tourism. We post about jungle farming and tips on do’s & don’ts when visiting tropical rainforests. We talk about local & international collaborations. And we highlight new and exciting tours & activities.

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The Beginnings of Aiko

Aiko started with a gut reaction to a crisis. No calculations, no profound studies nor plans. The primary goal was to save the rainforest from being logged – period. This goal has remained the same since 1996. But let me take a step back and tell you the whole story so you can get a […]

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GPS Rainforest Field Mapping Project

Moving beyond sole conservation intentions at our rainforest at Aiko towards ecotourism it quickly became obvious that a detailed map of the terrain needs to be created to answer a bunch of important questions – like “where exactly is Aiko?”, “what are good trails through the forest?” and “where are points of interest?”. Our forest engineer […]