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Who are you?

So I bought a piece of rainforest I couldn´t find nor did I know what to do with it. The only logical next step was to get to know it. And I wanted to get to know it well. In order to do that – I was already back in Munich/ Germany at that time […]

Own Rainforest

Ownership got a new meaning with Aiko. Since Costa Rican law was quite new to me, I joined up with a friend-of-a-friend local lawyer, half jokingly called Jorgito, to legalize the purchase in Talamanca. I had mentioned that I needed to get the signatures of all neighbors in order to prove the ownership of the […]

The Great Feat

So we bought 29ha of rainforest in Talamanca, Costa Rica. Well, technically and legally, I did. First goal reached: The logger is gone. The spray-painted red numbers on the trees only a remnant of the past. Sit back: What happened? Why? I didn´t need any land. And I didn´t really want any land. So why […]

The Beginnings of Aiko

Aiko started with a gut reaction to a crisis. No calculations, no profound studies nor plans. The primary goal was to save the rainforest from being logged – period. This goal has remained the same since 1996. But let me take a step back and tell you the whole story so you can get a […]