Our new camera trap

We recently decided that we most definitely need a camera trap to be able to show you the animals that are either nocturnal or so elusive that one almost never sees them.

So we bought one, hiked deep into the rainforest and searched for a good spot where we thought that a lot of animals would pass by…

Meet two members of our international team: Freddy is a great local tracker for animals in this region and Kathi is a German expert on camera traps!

We strapped our trap to a tree at the spot we chose. A little adjustment…

…and some test shoots – we needed to act like big wild cats to see if the camera would be triggered.

Here’s how the camera looks like – ready to shoot!

Imagine just how happy we were that after a couple of days we found a picture of a Puma in the camera – that’s years of conservation work manifested on a photo!

Have a look on the whole gallery of the animals we catched after our first run: