What do rainforests have to do with cashback online shopping?!

We were asking the same thing when two of our costumers visited last month: Matthias and Andreas of the young German cashback startup link-o-mat came to wind down in our rainforest from their jobs for a couple of days. After a great day of hiking in the forest and bathing in waterfalls we were relaxing in the base camp with a couple of beers – basically we were pretty much “offline”. The conversation drifted towards internet topics nevertheless and we learned that the two are currently working on how to earn money while shopping online or booking flights and accommodations.

Basically we were pretty much “offline”

The concept is simple and easy: Many online shops are willing to pay commissions for recommendations:

Here’s an example: When you book your flight to Costa Rica online, you can look for a cheap booking website on link-o-mat’s cashback shops selection. If you visit this website via link-o-mat and then book your flight there, link-o-mat is getting paid a commission for the recommendation. This commission is handed back to you. In this way a lot of money can be earned. At the end you can decide what you’ll do with this money: Buy yourself yet another TV or donate it to a good cause! ;-).

Matthias went on telling us, that he considered our conservation project to be quite a solid example for said “good cause” – and we were happy and proud to hear it!

Here’s the two founders of link-o-mat Matthias & Andreas

Long story short, link-o-mat and Aiko are partnering up: You can now help us plant trees when shopping or booking online. There’re only three steps to do good: Register for free on link-o-mat.com, earn cashback for your shopping and then decide to donate your cashback money to Aiko for planting trees.

Here are some examples where you can get cashback for your bookings or shopping: hostelworld.com, expedia.de, edreams.de or booking.com. Have a look on your own: link-o-mat supports more than 10.000 websites worldwide. By the way, they also offer a handy cashback browser tool as well. Once installed in your favorite browser, this tool alerts you every time you visit a website on which you can earn cashback.

Let’s turn the tables: Let us have nature take advantage of the capitalism for once and not the other way around like it normally happens! Yes, we do like that a lot! 🙂

Have fun & take care!

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