Aiko stands for conservation & cooperation

A unique reserve on Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast – striving for sustainability since 1996.

After having conserved and increased our rainforest on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica named “Aiko” for nearly 25 years, we are now searching for YOU to bring new ideas and activity!

Ecological and economical sustainability have always been at the core of our efforts. Within these limits your possibilities are endless: Do you just want to live completely remote? Are you looking for a place to do permaculture and eco-agriculture? Would you like to offer tours in the flourishing Costa Rican ecotourism industry? Or do you want an off-grid think tank for your company?

Our Story

The rainforest “Aiko” is located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica nestled in the Cordillera de Talamanca only 5 km / 3,5 miles from the villages Puerto Viejo and Hone Creek – with beautiful views over the Sixaola river to Panama.

The lowland rainforest is pristine nature with lots of rivers, waterfalls and of course a lot of forest.

It was rescued in the year 1996 from tree loggers of a big company in a nighttime operation and since then the main goal has been to conserve the flora and fauna.

Many city dwellers visited over the years in search for a true disconnection and digital detox. We were always proud to state that the Aiko experience sincerely holds up to the promise of “eco”-tourism!

We are three business partners who hold the land currently and have worked on numerous projects together from tourism to agriculture, from banana vinegar to Yoga retreats and permaculture.

Markus has now settled in Galicia, Spain with his family.

Florian is bringing the Yoga experience to people in Munich, Germany.

And Manuel is dedicating his time to certification of organic agriculture based in Costa Rica.

For 25 years we’ve been taking care of this wonderful place on earth that has deeply influenced all our lives. We now want to give the chance to other individuals, groups and organizations that want to develop activities in-line with the Aiko philosophy.

What’s there?

The finca & forest named “Aiko” at around 6-900 feet (2-300 meters) above sea level consists of 330 acres (135 hectares) of primary and secondary rainforest and is (as of now completely OFF-grid).

What´s (also) there?

Near the land, a 10 acres (4 hectare) finca is available additionally. It’s 5 miles (8 km) away from large rainforest property and has phone/ internet, water, electricity connection. It could be used for guest and vacation houses. It’s in Hone Creek, 3 miles (5 km) from each Pt. Viejo, Cahuita and Bribri, very close to the local school and clinic. This property is not developed, but could very well be used as a base for long term studies or tourism.

After 25 years of learnings and personal development, we are looking for more like-minded people to carry on and develop the Aiko idea – of course with our dear support!

Business Ideas

What to do in the rainforest?!


Aiko is perfect for eco-tourism with clients who seek a real rainforest adventure experience (not just another “pseudo-eco” rappel and rafting adventure). The pristine flora and fauna with many waterfalls to bathe in during or after hikes makes a visit to the land unforgettable. There’s basic infrastructure for tourism and accommodation that can be shaped to your needs.


Would you like to build a permaculture homestead with food forests – making your dream for a true off-grid life come true? Maybe having an education center and an eco-lodge there too? The Costa Rican jungle is perfect for that – with permaculture in the tropics you can almost watch your gardens grow!

Off-Grid Work

With Sky-DSL readily available in the area and solar panels now the cheapest way to produce electricity anywhere you might as well do your work in a truly remote way: In the middle of the rainforest! Whether you’re a consultant, social media advisor, coach or teacher – your clients and workmates will envy your office!

Yoga Retreats

With the rising popularity of Yoga and the wish for people to really disconnect from the hectic western lifestyle in cities Aiko is a great spot for a retreat center or Yoga school. In the past there have also been Yoga groups at Aiko that had unique stays that completely immersed and connected them to nature.


Where is Aiko?

The finca is located in the hills above the Caribbean sea near Puerto Viejo in the South-East of Costa Rica:

The urban finca is located in Hone Creek and next to the Samasati Gated community:

We have also made a GPS-map of the land – please click on the picture to get to a custom map over at Google maps:

Getting There

We’re located near the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica near the villages Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Cahuita – have a look at the maps above to see exactly.

All planes arrive in the capital of Costa Rica- San Jose. There’s daily public buses from San Jose and takes 4-5 hours. The bus departs from terminal Atlantico Norte (locally known as “San Carlos”) at AM 6 & 10 / PM 12, 2 & 4. The ride is really scenic!

You can get to Costa Rica from airports all round the world including but not limited to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Madrid and so on.

Contact us!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information or with any questions!

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