Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? A visit at Aiko gives you a true close up rainforest experience!

Digital detox: Reconnect with nature & recharge your soul

Visiting Aiko means getting in touch with the rainforest. In our philosophy true ecotourism should be an individual, unique experience in pure nature. Aiko is one of the locations where nature is still pristine and undisturbed – it’s a place where wild cats like pumas still wander around. Ecosystems like these disappear fast from from our planet earth. That’s why we are working hard to protect it.

At our private rainforest reserve you can find an abundance of flora and fauna – and it’s all there for you to discover: We only allow a very limited amount of people to stay in the rainforest camp at a time. This ensures that the nature is not disturbed and it gives you a much better experience: Meet like-minded nature lovers at Aiko!

Digital detox: Reconnect with nature & recharge your soul

There is a lot to discover: All the animals and fauna of the forest, streams and natural pools. You can learn and grasp the importance and beauty of undisturbed tropical nature. You can disconnect and let go from your busy daily grind – it’s a mini retreat from civilization.

We’re not a classical nature lodge – at Aiko there’s is no electricity and no wifi on purpose! Also there’s no text messages, no cars, no meetings, no noise pollution – just a few souls immersed into nature. That makes it easy for you to unwind completely and recharge.

Immerse yourself into nature!

Aiko is a private nature reserve of 330 acres near the southern caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Central America. It is nestled in the first ridge of Talamanca mountains close to the border to Panama.

While the beach villages of Puerto Viejo and Cahuita being just 20 minutes away, Aiko is still the perfect place to get away from it all.

We invite you to visit this untouched ecosystem! Our basecamp – built only of natural materials can be rented on a nightly basis by up to ten people. We accept bookings for exclusive use by one group, or by individual travelers.

Have a look at our galleries to get a better picture of what awaits you!

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